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Mit dem XBoard nach draussen
Unfold your eMotion


Our latest addition to the U-Mobility family: With its unique chassis you are safe and comfortable on any surface with our XBoard! Its patented folding mechanism also makes it the perfect everyday companion.

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Junge Leute im Cafe mit XBoard

Arrive completely relaxed without searching for a parking spot


Safe. Stable. Fast.

XBoard Fahrwerk

Landing gear

Innovative, patented "Carbon-Fiber-Flex" chassis for safe driving on any surface.

XBoard Rahmen


Foldable lightweight frame made of carbon fiber, fiber-reinforced plastic and aerospace-grade aluminum.

XBoard Räder


Interchangeable tires and integrated brake discs for the most effective braking performance.

Top features

We create facts

Feature Stoßdämpfer weiß

Shock absorbed

Full front & rear suspension

Feature Bremsen


Hydraulic disc brakes front & rear

Feature Federleicht weiß

Light as a feather

15 kg total weight

Feature Elektrifiziert weiß

Fully charged

With 48 volt battery - 30 km pure electric range


Mark for the XBoard

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Dynamically on the move