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For a livable city

Sustainable action is crucial to maintaining a world worth living in and creating a good future for future generations. Only in this way can we conserve our natural resources, protect the environment, combat climate change, promote social justice and ensure economic stability.


Mobility in figures

"Being mobile is a globally widespread need and a requirement of our time," says the Future Institute. Our task is to satisfy today's need for mobility in such a way that the possibilities of future generations are not restricted.

Hours in traffic jam

In 2022, Germans spent an average of 40 hours in traffic jams.

Cost per month

In Germany, a small car costs €400 a month.

Car-free city centers

62% of Germans are in favor of car-free city centers.

Growth of online trade

Online trade will grow by 10% per year until 2025 – deliveries will further condense traffic.


In Germany, up to 23% of commercial traffic could be shifted to e-bikes by 2023.


In 2022, e-bikes accounted for 48% of the German bicycle market.

CO2 emissions at a glance

Sustainable mobility is a trend and driver of many mobility concepts

CO2 Diagram without XBoard
Cities are becoming greener

The changing world



Copenhageners travel 1.4 million kilometers by bicycle every day.



Utrecht's bicycle parking garage is the largest in the world, with 12,500 spaces.



850 kilometers of bike paths run through Berlin - and the trend is rising.



In Baden-Württemberg, an 8-kilometer bicycle expressway connects Stuttgart with Sindelfingen/Böblingen.


Mexico City

On Sundays, Mexico City's central thoroughfare, Paseo de la Reforma, is open to bicycles only.



Ideal for commuters: London's Cycle Superhighways connect the city center with the outer boroughs.


Climate positive until 2035 – Mubea’s ambitious drive for sustainability

Sustainability is the foundation of our corporate strategy. Therefore, as a first step, the Mubea Group has committed to reducing its emissions by at least 25 percent by 2025. As a pioneer of innovative products, Mubea will achieve this ambitious target by actively contributing to the necessary reduction of carbon dioxide.


E-mobility in the fast lane

Mobilitätsalternativen 70%

Desire for mobility alternatives

70% of employees want environmentally friendly mobility alternatives.

Fuhrpark 2019

Change in vehicle fleets

Compared to 2019, three times as many vehicles with alternative drives will be on the road in German fleets in 2023.

Einsatz E-Fahrzeuge

Electric vehicles in use

By 2030, 160 million battery-powered electric vehicles are forecast worldwide.


Avoid emissions

Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles do not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful and hot exhaust gases. In cities, their use directly improves climate and air quality and does not contribute to climate change through direct emissions. This means that we can all breathe easily.


Internal combustion engines
CO2 - Verbrennungsmotoren
E-load bike
CO2 - E-Lastenrad

Reduce space requirements

Due to their expansive design, conventional vans take up a lot of space on the road, especially when parked. E-load bikes require much less space. Therefore, they improve traffic flow, leave more room for pedestrians and cyclists, and enable more efficient use of urban space overall. This way, more efficiency and relaxation is achieved.

Conventional cargo transportation
Space LKW
Space Cargobikes

Reduce noise pollution

Vehicles with combustion engines produce a lot of noise, which has a negative impact on health and quality of life, especially in the city. E-mobiles, which are much quieter in operation, reduce noise stress in urban areas and improve the quality of life for residents. It's simply easier to live quietly.

Internal combustion engines
Lärmbelastung Verbrennungsmotoren
Mobility alternatives
Lärmbelastung Alternativen
Mubea U-Mobility

Become part of the change

Cargo PACK Rheinufer front

E-load bike redefined

Our electric Cargobikes offer strong solutions for every industry. Whether in parcel delivery or for campus logistics, as an advertising platform or service, as a single vehicle or in a fleet. Our e-bikes, specially tailored to customer needs, offer emission-free and affordable transport solutions in the field of micromobility. Sympathy effect included.

XBoard Teaser

The surfboard for the last mile

The XBoard taps the untapped potential of micromobility beyond conventional e-bikes and e-scooters! With intelligent solutions - like automatic folding in just one second. The push of a button is all it takes!