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Mubea U-Mobility

Change the way u move

Big changes start in small ways. Everyone can contribute to creating a more sustainable and liveable future. Smart technologies are helping us transform mobility in cities. With our unique micromobility products, we get people excited about e-mobility, challenge the status quo and actively drive change. Made in Germany.

Simply different

It starts with your own aspirations


Ambition is in our nature – and a commitment for the future. With our automotive DNA, we always strive for the highest quality in function, technology and material. For affordable mobility from Germany.


We think beyond the existing. Our many years of technical experience and willingness to rethink enable us to develop targeted products for current and future requirements.


Our drive and actions are shaped by a future-oriented value base that enables us to develop meaningful solutions and market-ready innovations that make the difference. That's why we do things a little differently than others.


We trust in our competence and many years of experience and at the same time focus on continuous development. On this basis, we focus on transparent product solutions that understand the power of engineering and technology as part of the design.

Top View Park
No progress without movement

Think new, let go of old

For us, everything revolves around a modern way of getting around and transport that is not only healthy and fun, but also emission-free and contemporary. The innovative e-scooter "XBoard" and the robust e-cargo bikes from the Cargo family are our first two mobility solutions in the field of urban micromobility and customer-oriented logistics for individual and freight transport.

Mubea Headquarter
Portrait Dr. Stefan Cuber

Mobility should not be the reason for congestion. Especially in cities we need new means of transport with minor space requirements – efficient, electrified, emission-free. Enabling a clean mobility with driving pleasure. The development of these solutions is what drives us.

Dr. Stefan Cuber
Managing Director Business Unit Micromobility
Mubea U-Mobility eCargobikes

The transporter among eCargobikes

Our electric Cargobikes deliver highly effective solutions for every sector.  Whatever the job – parcel delivery, campus logistics, advertising platform or providing services, as a stand-alone or fleet vehicle – our electric Cargobikes deliver highly effective solutions for every sector. With a range of superstructures for all applications. What’s the best Cargo for you and your needs?

Cargo PACK Rheinufer front
Mubea U-Mobility XBoard

The surfboard for the last mile

The XBoard unlocks the untapped potential of micromobility beyond conventional e-bikes and e-scooters! With smart solutions – like automatic folding in just one second. With just one click.

XBoard Teaser

Wearable tools for your workspace

Cutting-edge ‘Made in Germany’ technology! By commencing production of robotic exoskeletons from the world's leading developer German Bionic Systems, we are tapping into a new and extremely promising future sector and expanding our U-Mobility product range with this exciting cooperation!

Apogee Teaser Collage
News, facts and use cases

Mubea U-Mobility Blog

Cargo PICK-UP Special Cafe
Facts & Insights

Good for you, goods for the city

The Mubea Cargo PICK-UP is now available at a special price.
Mubea U-Mobility E-Lastenrad UPS München
Use Cases

UPS delivers packages in Munich with Mubea Cargobikes

In Munich, UPS, the parcel service company, uses our electric cargo bikes every day to deliver packages in the city center.
Mubea U Mobility Digital X Köln
Use Cases

A Festival of Digital Possibilities – Realized with Mubea E-Cargobikes

On September 20th and 21st, Cologne was under the sign of Digital X, which explored new pathways towards sustainable and people-centric digital coexistence in urban spaces. As the official Cargobike logistics partner, we provided the event organizer with a large fleet of E-Cargobikes with various…
Standbesucher auf der IAA Mobility 2023 machen Pause vor U-Mobility Stand.
Awards & Events

Six days of future mobility – and the President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry on the XBoard

In the Munich sunshine, the mobility of the future could be experienced, biked, and surfed: IAA Mobility 2023 revealed exciting new possibilities for how we can be mobile in the future. With lots of good encounters, conversations, and fun. Our new booth concept with a beach feeling, barista cargo…
Dates and Events

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