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Cargo PICK-UP Special

Good for you, goods for the city

The Mubea Cargo PICK-UP is now available at a special price.

Cargo PICK-UP Special Cafe

Anyone who wants to get to their customers these days – be it as a tradesman, courier or delivery person – still predominantly relies on combustion vans. Sure, an e-bike or scooter will do for a pizza, three portions of vegetables with rice or a hamburger and chips. But for the heavy toolbox, the fresh bread and cake delivery to five different cafés, ten boxes of wine to the restaurant, the flower arrangement or the party service for the big wedding? You’re lost without a car ...

That’s no longer true. Electrically assisted cargo bikes such as the Cargo PICK-UP are already a sensible alternative for many businesses and service providers. Delivery services such as UPS, Amazon and Hermes have been using them for a long time – and at a profit. The advantages compared to a classic baker’s bike or e-bike with a “backpack”: more driving safety thanks to four wheels, more transport capacity and better working conditions for the drivers. And compared to the car: more environmentally friendly, less (parking) space required, faster progress in the city – and the charm of the smarter alternative.

Cargo PICKUP City-Transporter

Smarter delivery

The Cargo PICK-UP is smarter for many reasons. Because it is approved as a bicycle, any traffic jam can easily be avoided on the cycle path – an immense advantage, especially in congested cities. It also makes it easier to deliver directly to the door, as the increasing car access restrictions and truck delivery times in city centers do not apply to cargo bikes. What’s more, they don’t require a car driver’s license, which fewer and fewer young people in Germany are getting. Smart, if you're already thinking about tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow: it’s obvious that a smaller, lighter and more maneuverable transport vehicle emits less harmful CO2 than a car. Our infographic shows just how much difference this makes.


Range is not a problem

The key question for many companies when switching to cargo bikes seems to be the range. Of course, an individual needs analysis is always necessary here: Who rides how much and how far? Statistically, however, the matter is quite clear: VW’s commercial vehicle division has evaluated more than 210,000 driving profiles of over 1,500 customers in a mobility analysis***. The result: the majority of vans cover between 70 and 100 kilometers a day. That is quite remarkable. But it is a distance that the Cargo PICK-UP can manage with two batteries.

So if you are looking for a sustainable, climate-friendly and space-saving alternative for your delivery trips in the city, you should take a look at the Mubea Cargo PICK-UP right now. Not only because our small city van is practically unbeatable in the city. But also because it is available at a one-off low price in our current promotion until January 2024: for just € 8,999.–**. But beware: the offer is only valid for a limited time!

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** Price excl. VAT plus delivery costs. The sales promotion is only valid for German-based commercial and business customers. BAFA funding: Please note the current decision or judgement of the Federal Constitutional Court on the Climate and Transformation Fund. The illustration shows special equipment.
*** Source: