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Cargobike Total Cost of Ownership

What is the actual cost of mobility?

A real benefit for small businesses: Small CO2 footprint. Space saving measures. Low cost of ownership.

Cargo PACK am Rheinufer Radweg

More than ever, mobility is at the center of political, economic, and social discourse. Hardly anything shapes our lives as much as mobility. It is essential: being mobile is the prerequisite for social interaction and social progress, for economic growth and individual success.

The future belongs to the electric motor – and thus to mobility, that is finally clean and healthy. However, is the technology affordable for everyone?

Studies show that 80 percent of all journeys begin and end on one's own doorstep. This statistic showcases that innovative and climate-friendly means of transports must be available at the place of one’s residence. Nevertheless, what to do if the bicycle – or even the e-bike – is out of the question and the connection to public transport is insufficient?

Alternatives like the U-Mobility Cargo models from Mubea cost less than half of a small electric car, require significantly less parking space and boast a CO2 balance that is 12 times superior! They also have all the advantages that an e-bike does not have: Driving safety, comfort, and weather-protected transportation of goods on four wheels.

Infographic footprint space cost

The trend towards alternative and diverse mobility solutions is accelerating the transformation of cities into liveable spaces. The deconstruction of the car-oriented city is increasing the urban quality of life: residential and working spaces are becoming more attractive, healthier, and are starting to merge with each other. Road and parking spaces for cars are being reduced; cycle paths and footpaths are being expanded and given priority together with public transport.

Sustainable mobility is becoming a trend and is driving many mobility concepts. However, the desire for flexibility and independence will continue to raise the question of personal ownership as a means of transportation.

With the progressions in the new world, the personal car, which for Germans in particular has long been a symbol of freedom and independence, is losing its former advantages over other means of transport. The actual function of the personal car: getting from point A to point B comfortably and quickly is no longer possible with congested roads and cities plagued with traffic jams.

So, if you want to get to your workplace more comfortably, safer, and with significantly more space, you can do this cost-effectively with a Mubea U-Mobility Cargo model instead of a car. A real benefit for small businesses.

Infographic Total costs of Ownership

To Conclude: The E-cargo Bike Saves Money!
Small CO2 footprint. Space saving measures. Low cost of ownership.