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Our Mubea U-Mobility cargobike is on the road for EnergyBus across Germany

EnergyBus advocates for a standardized charging infrastructure for pedelecs, among other things, and takes our cargobike to various events for demonstration purposes.

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“EnergyBus networked” is the motto. However, what exactly does this mean? EnergyBus aims to spread a standardized charging infrastructure for e-bikes, pedicels, and other LEVs (light electric vehicles). For this purpose, the organization utilizes hardware such as plugs and interfaces, software, and various safety procedures.

EnergyBus travels throughout Germany and works with local and regional governments to define a standardized charging infrastructure. A wide variety of committees and meetings present possible solutions at specialized events.

The intended audience of such events: People responsible for taking the steps towards industrialization of parking and charging infrastructure, urban planners, mobility managers, government decision-makers at all levels, mayors, etc.

Our Cargobike was in Munich at the IAA Mobility, the Eurobike in Frankfurt, at the mobility fair “Polis” in Cologne, at the “Katholikentag” in Stuttgart, in Oslo at the presentation of a Pop-Up Mobility Station, in the “Lebensgarten” in Lower Saxony and much more. At one of these events, EnergyBus took our Mubea U-Mobility cargobike and deployed it. Hannes Neupert, a member of EnergyBus, is responsible for accompanying pilot projects in various cities to promote standardization in cities.

Hence, what results have EnergyBus accomplished so far? To start, they have created globally harmonized standards that cover all relevant aspects of LEV parking and charging infrastructures. In addition, EnergyBus has also produced a handbook to help local communities, industries, and consumers understand LEV parking and charging infrastructures.

You can find additional cases in our Mubea U-Mobility blog.

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