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Getting safely from A to B

Why our four-wheeled e-Cargo is safer than a single-track cargo bike.

Cargo PACK auf dem Radweg

E-Cargo: Four-wheeled goods transportation – a safe working environment.

The benefits are practically sitting on the road in front of you. Cycling is not only good for your health, but also for the environment. It doesn’t emit any pollutants or noise, and takes up little space. It’s totally en vogue because no other mode of transport has such a good environmental balance as the bicycle. In the urban setting, the e-bike can get to its destination at least as fast, or even faster than a car. According to the German Federal Environment Agency, up to 30 percent of car journeys in urban areas could be substituted by cycling. The achievability of these targets is demonstrated not only by cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, but also a highly bicycle-friendly German city like Münster, where cycling accounts for 39 percent of journeys (as of 2021, Federal Environment Agency) making it significantly higher than the 29 percent of journeys performed using private motorized transport.

Regardless of traveling in the countryside or city, the answer to "why is our four-wheeled e-Cargo bikes safer than a single-track cargo bike" can be found in the topic of road safety. And that's where our electric Cargo comes in, because by having four wheels made from specially designed rims combined with motorcycle tyres, we ensure driving safe, sturdy and comfortable. But it's not just the tyres that contribute to greater visibility in road traffic, but also the chassis, the roof, the seating position and the windshield. Couriers who pedal regularly will certainly know what we are talking about. Have you felt it too, that uncertainty about whether a car driver has really seen your hand signal as you’re about to take a turn? Or the commonplace "dooring accidents", when all of a sudden you have to dodge a carelessly opened car door. According to the German Road Safety Council, 45 percent of cyclists in Germany have experienced such an accident at least once.

And the advantage with our Cargo? The shelter provided by the driver's cab immediately makes you feel safer than on a bicycle. Skidding and falling down slippery roads is no longer an issue. Thanks to the rear-view mirror, indicators, raised seating position and front lights and brake lights, the driver has much better vision on the road and is much easier to see as well. The watchword here is “see and be seen”. On that note, we wish every cyclist a safe and accident-free ride!

Take a look at our infographic. It describes all the safety benefits at a glance.

Safely from A to B