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Use Cases
Hermes 2022

Mubea U-Mobility cargobikes on the road for Hermes in Wiesbaden city center

The delivery company Hermes tested our cargobikes for several weeks to distribute parcels in the city center of Wiesbaden.

Mubea U-Mobility Hermes 2022 Cargobike Wiesbaden

With the world being in a constant state of change and climate change continuing to advance, sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in all industries, as well as the CEP industry (courier express parcel services). The industry aims to make the delivery of parcels smarter and more efficient. So does Hermes Germany, an organization always on the lookout for new and clever last-mile solutions. Hermes Germany has already taken some important steps towards sustainability, and this is where our cargobikes come into play!

Our cargobikes have already been on the road in several cities for a wide variety of customers: Amazon in Manchester and London, UPS in Munich, VOI in Nuremberg, and the city administration in Mönchengladbach. In the summer of 2022, our cargobikes were on the streets of Wiesbaden in Hesse for Hermes, doing a test run lasting just under three months. Florian Boos, Manager Last Mile at Hermes Germany, explains: "[...] we wanted to [...] test in practice under which conditions the concept can be sensibly implemented in a medium-sized German city like Wiesbaden, which of course cannot be compared with a city of millions such as Berlin."

The starting point of the deliveries was Elsässer Platz in the city center of Wiesbaden. From there, the parcels were transported by our cargobikes to the city districts of Mitte, Westend, and Nordost. "The aim of our test is mainly to gain our own initial experience of using a cargobike in combination with a microdepot close to the city," says Boos.

The Mubea U-Mobility cargobikes can transport about 90 to 120 shipments. A microdepot near the city plays an essential role in delivering the parcels. At this depot, the driver can always reload the cargobike with new packages and start additional routes. Hermes Germany is being provided with the space for the microdepot by the city of Wiesbaden: "Delivery is not only climate and environmentally friendly, it also provides more space on the streets and better air in the residential neighborhoods," says Andreas Kowol, Head of Transport at the state capital Wiesbaden.

The advantages of our cargobikes compared to passenger cars are also clearly noticeable in the CEP industry. There is no hassle of searching for a parking space or parking in the second row with possible stress, and no being stuck in traffic jams. Our cargobike can be parked right outside the front door. In addition, traffic jams can be cleverly bypassed via bicycle paths. Not to mention that our cargobikes can be driven without a driver's license: this expands the job opportunities of the delivery profession for employers as well as employees.

The response to the test run? More than positive! According to Boos, Hermes "[...] appreciated a very constructive and cooperative collaboration [with Mubea U-Mobility] during the preparation and also the implementation of the test so far".

The result: We are continuing our partnership with Hermes Germany and will keep providing the parcel delivery company with our cargobikes in the future.

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