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IAA Mobility 2023

Six days of future mobility – and the President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry on the XBoard

In the Munich sunshine, the mobility of the future could be experienced, biked, and surfed: IAA Mobility 2023 revealed exciting new possibilities for how we can be mobile in the future. With lots of good encounters, conversations, and fun. Our new booth concept with a beach feeling, barista cargo, and balance boards perfectly matched the summer mood.

Standbesucher auf der IAA Mobility 2023 machen Pause vor U-Mobility Stand.

The fact that the mobile future is more than just cars was clear at this year's IAA Mobility in Munich. And the numbers confirm it: More than a quarter of the visitors: inside - a total of more than half a million people - came because of the exhibited bicycle and micromobility, according to Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH.

We also experienced great interest in mobility beyond the car: Our test drive offers for our e-scooter and the electric Cargobikes were excellently received, one visitor even found one of our Cargos so great that he spent two hours on the road in Munich with it. Okay, we admit that this was not planned 😊. But somehow understandable because that's exactly what we built the bikes for ...

It was also pleasing to see that our XBoard was similarly well received by young and old - when surfing through the English Garden in the Munich sunshine, the XBoard thrilled all age groups with its unique combination of fun, freedom, and riding safety. The quality of the "German engineering" has already prompted interested parties from abroad to ask when the XBoard will be available in their country. We can give you a little bit of a spoiler: After the sales launch next year in Germany, we will gradually enter the wide world of e-scooters and ride the wave. Surfing USA ...

Speaking of surfing: Our guests of honor at the IAA included pro surfer and Olympic participant @johannedefay🏄‍♀️,  along with Germany's best Fortnite player @janniszfn 🎮 and creator @codadrea 🕷️ with his Germany-renowned spiders, who all had strong performances with us. And the best of all, the cool trio signed our balance board, which is now up for grabs. How? Just sign up for our newsletter between September 29 and October 12.

Another highlight was that the president and CEO of the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA, Hildegard Müller and Jürgen Mindel, visited us on Saturday, September 9, during their tour at our stand in the Hofgarten. In doing so, they not only showed that the VDA has long envisaged a "mobility beyond automobile", but they were also personally impressed by the Mubea U-Mobility products. A good symbol for the fact that mobility is not only locomotion but also expands boundaries and arouses positive emotions.

You are not one of the more than 700 test riders in Munich and have not yet got an impression of how the surf feeling of the XBoard feels? Then find out more about the XBoard Experience here. And if you subscribe to our newsletter, you won't miss any upcoming events as part of the community.

Erlebe noch einmal die IAA Mobility 202, auf der Mubea U-Mobility das Cargo und XBoard zum Testfahren angeboten hat.