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Sales launch of the XBoard

Automotive supplier Mubea enters the e-scooter market

Attendorn, 18.06.2024 – Limited first edition of the innovative e-scooter now available

XBoard limited-edition-row

Automotive supplier and lightweight design specialist Mubea is entering the growing market for electric kick scooters by launching the XBoard. The in-house developed e‑scooter marks the next milestone for Mubea's micromobility unit and adds an intermodal mobility asset to the family company’s product portfolio. Mubea U‑Mobility will celebrate the launch by offering an exclusive limited edition of 200 e‑scooters for 1,916 euros. They will be available via their online store and will be delivered in Germany.


Unique product features setting new standards

Thanks to its unique folding mechanism the XBoard folds up automatically in just one second. And this is just one of the outstanding features of this e-scooter made in Germany. Once folded, the XBoard remains upright and can be pulled like a trolley. Its three-wheeled design in combination with hydraulic disc brakes and a full-suspension chassis with tilt technology guarantees unparalleled stability, safety and riding comfort. The XBoard absorbs every bump and sets –  also thanks to its powerful motor – new standards in terms of riding characteristics. “The riding experience on the XBoard can be compared to surfing,” says Jakub Fukacz, Head of Marketing at Mubea U-Mobility. Which has consequently given rise to the marketing campaign’s slogan ‘the surfboard for the road’, which highlights the fun of riding the XBoard and the freedom of moving about it provides.

Dr. Stefan Cuber, Managing Director at Mubea U‑Mobility, emphasizes the intermodal versatility of the e-scooter in combination with car, bus & train and because of its trolley mode which allows to take it along conveniently in pedestrian areas. He adds: “Thanks to its unique handling, the XBoard will further increase the growing attractiveness of private e‑scooters as a sustainable mobility choice.”


The convenient and eco-friendly mobility revolution

Private e-scooters are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to cars. They offer user-friendly, fast and economical mobility for all age groups in urban and rural areas without the drawbacks often associated with rental scooters. Owning an e-scooter enhances flexible mobility, ensures that you reach your destination, and avoids the availability issues of scooter sharing.


International expansion and digital interconnection

Launching the XBoard is the next step in Mubea’s micromobility strategy. The company is advancing the development of its unique, innovative and eco-friendly urban mobility solutions. The customized XBoard smartphone app underlines Mubea’s commitment, is easy to use and offers many useful additional functions. After entering the German market, the company plans to expand Xboard sales into other European countries and the USA in 2025.

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